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A fost lansată platforma online IDNO.MD!

La data de 8 septembrie 2016 a fost lansată platforma online Aceasta a fost dezvoltată pentru a facilita accesul la datele guvernamentale deschise şi pentru a ajuta cetăţenii să obțină o valoare adaugată prin utilizarea acestora. Proiectul se bazează pe reutilizarea datelor publice despre companiile înregistrate în Republica Moldova, prezentându-le într-un mod prietenos pentru utilizator, astfel încât oricine să le poată analiza și procesa cu ușurință.


How Open Data Revolutionizes Urban Life Big Data is changing life in cities for governments and citizens alike. In a previous episode of 10 Blocks we heard from journalist David Black about how sophisticated data analysis is helping the police to predict where crime is likely to occur. Additionally, we heard from Harvard Business School’s Mike Luca, who helps cities and companies work together using data to create better policies and better customer service experiences.

Give some proposals to the Action Plan for an Open Government

Republic of Moldova is member of the Open Government Partnership, an initiative that aims the governments to promote the transparency, fight against corruption and use technologic innovations in the government process, in the dialog with the public and in the policy-making process.

The Open Governance Week 2016 is taking place across Bucharest

Between 5 to 11 March 2016, the Romanian capital hosts the Open Governance Week 2016 that is conducted under the aegis of the Chancellery of the Prime Minister of Romania and the Ministry for Public Consultation and Civic Dialogue, along with representatives from the civil society, private sector and the diplomatic environment.


California to Pilot Statewide Open Data Portal

Officials announce plans for a next-gen open data portal for agencies and departments. California is hatching plans to pilot a next-gen open data portal to house all of its public agency data under one roof. Next steps for the site are to add data sets from four additional departments by the end of February with the goal to replace the state’s aging open data site with a beta version by June.