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Why we’re failing to get the most out of open data

An unprecedented number of individuals and organizations are finding ways to explore, interpret and use Open Data. Public agencies are hosting Open Data events such as meetups, hackathons and data dives. The potential of these initiatives is great, including support for economic development, anti-corruption and accountability. But is Open Data’s full potential being realized?

Being open, an open and not quite shut case?

Open data policies need to become as commonplace as health and safety policies. Opening up needs champions in all departments, not just IT, or open data policy and practice may never get off the ground.

The availability of open data and new trends in data visualisation will transform how we understand our cities

Due to the increasing availability of large urban datasets, it is now becoming easier to produce online visualizations that capture and help interpret the complex spatial dynamics of cities. Duncan A. Smith argues that as further open datasets are made available, a much wider range of interests and user groups are set to be represented and explored. These urban cartography projects allow users to ask questions about how city areas have changed and are likely to change in the future.

NEW: Data-Driven Cities: Urban Innovation Goes National

Cities around the world are experimenting with new ways to use technology to create business opportunities and improve citizens’ lives. Major cities are hiring Chief Data Officers and they’re working with tech entrepreneurs to find new solutions in transportation, health care, education, and many other areas of civic life.