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How to calculate open data's ROI

The White House’s 2013 mandate to open data has spurred many US agencies to act, but just opening data to meet requirements doesn’t mean the data will be useful. To help agency IT managers decide what datasets are worth opening, a new formula offers an entrée to the thought process

Open data and the horizon of the next government

On the first official day of the general election campaign, it is opportune to pose the question of what the future of open data might be. The good news is the future of the movement to open up government and private sector data to benefit the common good and create opportunities for the launch of new businesses would seem to be bright, in the UK.


African Technology Data Pioneers Gather to Spark Open Data Revolution

Led by the World Wide Web Foundation, fifty African civil society organisations, open data advocates and technology pioneers will come together to take the first steps towards establishing a groundbreaking new policy and investment framework to open up government data in Africa. Following the UN's call for a Data Revolution, this coalition of organisations will agree concrete next steps to unlock the potential of open data across the continent, which experts agree could help beat corruption, spark innovation and improve government services.


Socrata Launches Open Data TV (ODTV)

Socrata, the world leader in cloud solutions for open data and data-driven government, today announced the launch of Open Data TV (ODTV), an innovative video network showcasing the valuable work and remarkable people driving the global revolution toward data-driven government, which is already taking hold in cities, townships, counties, provinces, states and countries around the world.


Open data – more obstacles or opportunities?

Last Thursday, Digital Science organized their first Spotlight event, held at their offices in central London. The topic: 'Open data for researchers - the obstacles and the opportunities' attracted a varied crowd of scientists, journal editors and tech gurus who gathered to discuss what open data means practically for researchers and publishers.


3 ways open data is revolutionizing product development

Regardless of industry, people in the business of product development can agree: information gap can be a roadblock to introducing solutions that professionals and consumers across the board are clamoring for. Open source data can not only answer the “what” and “why,” but also the “how.” This is where product teams can finally connect the dots between gaps in the market and technologies that can solve for them.


Civic Innovations: The Future is Open

Open data is the bedrock foundation on top of which civic technology is built – not just because it is one of the most important raw materials used to build civic apps, but because it represents a willingness on the part of government to collaborate. Governments that embrace open data send a strong signal to the community that they are interested in new ideas and open to establishing partnerships with new allies.