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Anunț privind lansarea consultărilor publice în vederea elaborării Catalogului de date deschise

Ministerul Educație anunță lansarea consultărilor publice în vederea elaborării Catalogului de date deschise.

Catalogul de date deschise urmează să cuprindă lista categoriilor de date colectate, analizate și distribuite de către Ministerul Educației. (ex: lista instituțiilor de învățământ preuniversitar din Republica Moldova; numărul absențelor în instituțiile de învățământ preuniversitar pentru fiecare unitate teritorial administrativă; cheltuielile pentru salariul personalului didactic în instituțiile de învățământ preșcolar, etc.)


EU commits €14.4m to support open data across Europe

The European Union has committed €14.4m (£11m) towards open data with projects and institutions lead by the Open Data Institute (ODI), Southampton University, the Open University and Telefonica. The funding is the largest direct investment into open data startups globally and will be used to fund three separate schemes covering startups, open data research and a new training academy for data science.


Measuring the Value of Open Data

A major goal of open data programs is to increase transparency. Making data open is a way to provide citizens with a view into the activities and processes of public institutions. Open data can also improve collaboration between citizens and public agencies and increase the level of civic participation. However, transparency can be costly.


Why open data matters in education

Similar to the way open source changed the way technology is built and used, open data has begun to change the way the world looks at data. Anything that can be measured can be resolved. Applications built on top of open data can be used to monitor among other things, the learning patterns of students, their performance patterns, teacher absenteeism, and on a larger scale regions that perform better and regions that perform poorly. This creates a better grip on the problem we are encountering as well as the scale of the problem.


Why we’re failing to get the most out of open data

An unprecedented number of individuals and organizations are finding ways to explore, interpret and use Open Data. Public agencies are hosting Open Data events such as meetups, hackathons and data dives. The potential of these initiatives is great, including support for economic development, anti-corruption and accountability. But is Open Data’s full potential being realized?


Germany Releases Open Data Action Plan

The German government unveiled its open data action plan to implement the open data charter established by the G8, now G7, countries. The charter, released in June 2013, calls for government data to be open by default in consideration of privacy restrictions, places an emphasis on both open data quantity and quality, calls for the data to be available in as many formats as possible and urges governments to release data with the goal of encouraging more responsible governing and innovation.


How has open data shaped your world?

We’ve come a long way in open data. From identifying millions of pounds in potential savings in public services to supporting businesses that employ hundreds of people and attract thousands of pounds in new contracts, the Open Data Institute (ODI) is making a big impact. Now it’s time to see how open data has helped to shape public services around the world. These issue will be addressed at the ODI’s second annual summit, hosted across central London between November 3-4. The summit brings together inventors, businesses leaders and thinkers to celebrate the power of open data.


How Open Data Is Transforming City Life

Cities and their citizens worldwide are discovering the power of open data. By opening up data about transportation, education, health care, and more, municipal governments are helping app developers, civil society organizations, and others to find innovative ways to tackle urban problems. For any city that wants to promote entrepreneurship and economic development, open data can be a valuable new resource.