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Give some proposals to the Action Plan for an Open Government

Republic of Moldova is member of the Open Government Partnership, an initiative that aims the governments to promote the transparency, fight against corruption and use technologic innovations in the government process, in the dialog with the public and in the policy-making process.

Every second year, the member states of this initiative develop the Action Plan for an Open Government by which they undertake concrete commitments of making the government process more transparent and open. The Republic of Moldova is in process of development of the third Action Plan for 2016-2018. According to OGP principles, the Government, along with the Civil Society co-created the action plans.

Together with the Working Group for an Open Government made up of civil society organizations that joined together following an open call in February-March, we developed a range of proposals for commitments you can find here. These ideas refer to making the public procurement sector more transparent, online mechanisms of interaction with the public, open contracting and open data from several domains, which the group identified them as priorities

Upon this stage, we launch in a broader format the public consultations on proposals for commitments for the third action plan. Upon the completion of this questionnaire until 30 april 2016, everybody is invited to transmit relevant proposals, taking into account the Open Government principles: transparency, promotion of civic participation in decision-making processes, open data and use of new technologies in administrative sector.

The civil society’s proposals will be completed together with those given by the public institutions. After all proposals will be completed, these will be discussed and debated in a range of events organized in May. If something is unclear or you need additional documents and information, we can contact us on:



I believe this is a step in the right direction for the people to believe in government again and technology again. You must treat people as if they can handle information and make them part of decisions and make the government transparent because nothing stays hidden and what's hidden looks much worse than reality.
I am very proud that you are all levelheaded enough to come to this conclusion and I and willing to support everything as long as you stay transparent . You have my word on that .
Michelle Lee Kosik