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Terms and Conditions

Conditions for accessing and re-using public sector information

Any person or legal entity (hereinafter referred to as the “Reuser”) may re-use the document made available by a public authority or institution (hereinafter referred to as the “Holder”), in accordance with these conditions for accessing and re-using public sector-related information (hereinafter referred to as the “Conditions”).


The Holder is the public authority or institution which holds the document and makes it available for re-use in accordance with the terms set out in these Conditions. The Reuser refers to any person legal entity reusing the document in accordance with the terms set out in these Conditions.

Re-use of the document according to these Conditions

The Holder invest the Reuser with worldwide personal, perpetual, gratuitous, non-exclusive right to use the document - subject to these Conditions, in accordance with the freedoms and conditions set out below.

The re-use of the document can be performed in order to:

• reproduce, copy, publish and transmit it pursuant to the relevant legislation;
• disseminate and distribute it;
• adapt, modify, transform and extract data from it in order to create derived documents;
• exploit it for commercial purposes, for instance, by combining it with other documents or including it into your own product or application.

Where the Reuser performs any of the actions listed above, he must:

• acknowledge the source of the document, including any specific attribution statement of the authority or institution placing the document on single government open data portal and, if possible, provide a link to these Conditions;
If the Reuser does not provide a specific attribution statement or if the Reuser uses documents from several Holders but there is no possibility to include more statements into the used product or application, the following statement shall be made:
„Contains public sector-related information licensed under the conditions for accessing and re-using public sector information.”
• to specify the information source by indicating the institution which has published them as well as their latest update;
• to ensure that he does not mislead others and/or does not distorts documents or their sources;
• to ensure that the reuse of the document does not affect the level of protection of individuals provided for in the national legislation on the protection of personal data in any way.
If the Reuser fails to comply with these Conditions, the rights granted under them or any other similar conditions provided by the Holder shall be no longer valid.

Responsibility for the use of information

The document is made available in the format produced or received by the Holder, without any express or implied warranty not specified in these Conditions.

The Holder guarantees the fact that the document is made available for free, in accordance with the terms set out in these Conditions, but he does not guarantee that the document contains no error or irregularity or that he will provide documents on a continuous basis. The holder shall not be held responsible for loss, injury or damages of any kind caused to third parties, resulting from the reuse of some documents.

The Reuser is the solely responsible for the re-use of documents. He should not mislead third parties or distort the content of documents, their sources and last update data.

Restrictions on reuse

These Conditions do not provide for the use of: • documents made available through an activity exceeding the public service scope;
• documents, computer programs upon which a third party owns intellectual property rights and/or documents covered by industrial property rights, such as invention patents, trademarks, drawings / industrial models, geographical indications, designations of origin and guaranteed traditional specialties, in accordance with the legislation in force;
• documents produced as a result of ongoing research projects, which are not published or which are not found into a published database;
• documents referred to in art. 7 paragraph(2) of Law no. 982-XIV of 11 May 2000 on access to information;


These conditions are governed by:
Law no. 305 from 26 September 2012, on the reuse of public sector information;
Law no. 982-XIV from 11 May 2000, on access to information;
Law no. 190-XIII from 19 July 1994 on petitions;
Law no. 133 from 8 July 2011, on protection of personal data;
Law on Commercial Secrets No. 171-XIII from 6 July 1994;
Law no. 245 from 27 November 2008, on state secret;
Law on Administrative Contentious No. 793-XIV from February 10, 2000
Government Resolution Nr. 700 from 25.08.2014 open data concept;
Government Resolution Nr. 701 from 25.08.2014 on approving the open data publishing methodology.

Conditions for accessing and reusing information

This is version 1.0 version of the Conditions. New versions of these Conditions may subsequently occur. In such case, the reusers may continue to re-use the documents made available under these conditions.