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California to Pilot Statewide Open Data Portal

Officials announce plans for a next-gen open data portal for agencies and departments. California is hatching plans to pilot a next-gen open data portal to house all of its public agency data under one roof. Next steps for the site are to add data sets from four additional departments by the end of February with the goal to replace the state’s aging open data site Data.ca.gov with a beta version by June.

The New South Wales government has awarded AU$1.8 million to Melbourne-based Versent to build a new online open data hub for the state's transport department

Transport New South Wales has contracted cloud managed services firm Versent Pty Ltd for the creation of a AU$1.8 million online open data hub. Minister for Transport and Infrastructure Andrew Constance said the open data hub will provide a platform for app developers across the world to innovate and deliver new ideas to customers.

Open Data Institute publishes report into an Open Banking Standard

The Open Data Institute has published its report into an Open Banking Standard. Changes in EU law mean that within the next two years UK banks will have to open up access to their payments capabilities, and to provide services that will enable their customers to receive their data over the internet and easily, safely and securely share it with third parties. The Open Banking Standard therefore aims to guide how open banking data should be created, shared and used by its owners and those who access it, with a view to protecting privacy and keeping the data secure.

The future will be built on open data – here’s why

Data has the power to revolutionise and disrupt the way societies are governed. None more so than open data, which is free to access, free to use and can be shared by anyone. It’s non-personal and can be used to identify and predict large-scale trends and behaviours. This is as opposed to closed data that is restricted to internal use by an organisation. Many organisations are now seeing the benefits of open data. The European Union Open Data Portal, the British government’s efforts under the banner of Opening up Government, and the Global Open Data Index are three examples of initiatives that bring together and make available large amounts of data about industry, health, education, and employment among other fields.